What type of machines are the ESE pods compatible with?
The ESE pods are compatible with any ESE Machine, including our Tube Luxe Machines. ESE stands for Easy Serve Espresso and was created in Italy in 1970.

Are ESE Pods Compatible with Nespresso Capsule Machines?
In short, no. Nespresso machines take plastic capsules. Fear not – we offer 50% off our Tube Luxe Machines when you trade in your current capsule machine.

How do i trade in my Capsule Machine?
When you are adding the Tube Luxe to your cart there will be an option for you to select that you have a trade in. We will then email you with drop off locations for your old machine.

Can i trade in any Capsule Machine?
Yes! We are responsibly recycling old coffee machines, no matter the brand. We started this initiative because we know our pods aren’t compatible with capsule machines and we wanted customers to have the opportunity to swap their machine over to our environmentally friendly ESE option at a reduced rate.

How do I use the machine?

  1. Make sure the water at the back of the unit is filled up
  2. Switch on the machine and wait for the red light
  3. Place the pod into the holder by lifting the handle on the left hand side – try to hold the pods by the edges and not the centre where the coffee sits as oils and residue can compromise the coffee
  4. Pull down the leaver on the left hand side to enclose the pod and then switch on the machine and let the water run through the pod for around 20 seconds or until your desired pour has been met
  5. Remove the pod and pop in your compost!

Is the tin environmentally friendly?
Yes! Aluminium in Australia is recycled super quickly. Just place the tin in your recycle bin and (in some cases) within 1 week your tin will be a new tin! Otherwise, the tin can also be used for storage of other pantry items as the lid is a twist top.

How do I make a double espresso with the easy espresso pod?
Just simply use two of the pods for double the goodness. We don’t recommend trying to get two shots out of one pod, as it may effect the quality of the coffee.

What kind of water should I use?
We recommend filtered water in the back of the unit if possible. If not, clean tap water is preferable.

How much coffee is in the pods?
Each Easy Espresso pod contains 7 grams of Expertly roasted coffee.

What is the decaf process?
We use the swiss water process – for more info on this head to

How long do the pods stay fresh after you crack that tin?
The tin size is designed to maximise freshness for the average coffee drinker, with 20 pods in each.

How do I dispose of my pods?
The pod can be placed in a compost bin to break down or put in general waste, easy!

What if my question isn’t here?
We are here to help – email us and we will be happy to assist