At Genovese, we believe great tasting coffee shouldn’t cost the earth. So we’re practising what we preach with the introduction of our latest environmentally responsible initiatives, Shots by Genovese.

Until now, Australia’s daily home espresso habit in many cases has been unsustainable, generating enormous amounts of plastic waste. That’s why Genovese, an industry leader in sustainability, is tackling the problem head on.

Shots by Genovese pods have been created for use in the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) Pods system, a no-fuss solution for the home or office espresso enthusiast that does away with harmful waste. E.S.E. uses pods made of biodegradable food grade filter paper—not harmful plastic. Espresso ready? Just toss the used pod into the compost. Easy.

Genovese’s E.S.E. pods each contain 7 grams of our expertly roasted and blended coffee and come in tins of 20. Our Bold blend is for those who enjoy full-bodied flavour explosions, our Mellow blend highlights super smooth drinkability, and our Decaf blend offers a decaffeinated option with no compromise on flavour. Even better, our tins are made of fully recyclable aluminium and are nitro-flushed to help lock in freshness.

Of course, you can’t create perfect coffee without the perfect hardware. Genovese has sourced the E.S.E. compatible machine Tube Luxe, making the espresso process as technologically advanced as it is beautiful. Employing Golden Hard Anodising (GHA) surfacing technology, these machines represent the finest in food safety and purity standards. The water and coffee remain completely free of contaminants, while maintaining optimal aroma and flavour. Sleek, compact and available in 9 colours, the Tube Luxe doesn’t just help save the environment, it enhances any environment it’s in.

Certified 100% carbon neutral in all of our operations, and with up to 80% of our roasting activity solar powered, Genovese truly is one of Australia’s environmentally responsible coffee industry leaders. And with Shots by Genovese, we show once more our commitment to great coffee that’s better for the planet.