We’ve minimised our packaging so that you can enjoy your daily shot of coffee with minimal impact on the environment. Each pod contains seven grams of coffee expertly roasted by Genovese.


Various smallholder families

Tastes like: Blueberry, Mandarin and Apricot with a crisp acidity, smooth body and a lingering sweetness.

This coffee comes from the famous area of Sidamo in southern Ethiopia and is widely regarded as one of the world’s best coffee growing regions. Most coffee from Ethiopia is grown by families on small parcels of land and delivered to a local washing station or co-operative for processing. The diversity of ancient varietals ensures a very complex cup profile and Sidamo is only one of three regions in Ethiopia to have a trademark designation of origin certificate for their coffee.This coffee is fermented for 24 hours and washed in fresh spring water before being dried on raised beds for 10-14 days. This ensures a clean and vibrant cup profile that Sidamo is praised for.

  • Each tin comes with 20 pods
  • Compatible with any E.S.E machine
  • Minimised packaging
  • Shots are carbon neutral
  • Ingredients: 100% expertly blended coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo ESE Pods


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