Our E.S.E Compatible Pallina machine is set to impress. Designed and made in Italy, this classic but stylish machine will suit any kitchen. Additionally, it features a built-in steam wand for added functionality. Easy to use, available in two classic colours, a quality machine you will fall in love with.

Technical Features

  • Aluminum heat exchanger with excellent thermal stability for coffee extraction
  • Power absorption of only 450W with working thermostat of 98 °C
  • Inlet/outlet 3-way solenoid valve
  • Water tank capacity of 2 liters
  • Independent Steam System for added functionality
  • Vertical group closure to give at the machine more steadiness on closure
  • Patented Compensator, located in the lower part of the group which allows an effortless closure at constant pressure over time
  • No group adjustment, the compensator adapts itself each time it is used so the gasket is preserved under constant use giving greater reliability.
  • Uniform coffee extraction due to the stabilization of the working pressure
  • Easy access to group for maintenance through the top cover


$750.00 inc GST